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Guides for Conan Exiles Devkit

Please note, some of the guides may have expired and may not be subject for change.

Guide Name Last Updated Status Download
Armor and Clothing modelling primer 2019/01/27 Incomplete
Building Pieces and Sockets - Updates 2018/07/07 Out of Date
Building Pieces and Sockets 2017/11/30 Out of Date
Creating a Camp 2019/01/25 Active
Creating a Crafting Machine 2019/03/05 Out of Date
Creating a new monster 2019/03/05 Out of Date
Creating a new Thrall type 2018/10/11 Out of Date
Creating a Pet 2018/11/13 Incomplete
Creating a Placeable 2019/03/05 Active
Creating a special arrow 2018/08/25 Active
Creating a Weapon with special features 2019/10/22 Active
Creating Buffs 2018/03/01 Active
Creating Loot-Tables 2019/01/25 Active
Creating NPCs 2019/03/14 Out of Date
How to implement console commands 2020/05/08 Active
Icon Workflow overview 2019/03/21 Active
MapMaking Primer 2020/09/11 Active
Primer - Armor Bonuses 2019/03/05 Active
Primer - Casting 2018/04/21 Active
Primer - ComboRules 2018/11/08 Out of Date
Primer - Ecology 2018/03/10 Out of Date
Primer - Feat Table 2018/03/11 Out of Date
Primer - ItemTable 2019/03/05 Out of Date
Primer - Recipes Table 2019/03/05 Active
Primer - The Modcontroller 2018/06/07 Active
Primer - Thrall levelling and Perks Tables 2020/04/08 Active
Primer - What are Weighted tables 2018/10/11 Active
Primer -The Purge 2018/04/27 Active
Struct Reference document 2018/10/05 Incomplete
Guide Name Last Updated Status Download